Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Black Ops 2 Season Pass Codes Generator


Welcome to this easy simple and undetected method to get free black ops 2 season pass, to unlock all new maps, all new weapon and game modes, it is free easy and simple steps and can be found in the download Below
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Hello everyone, I'm Bobby Smith and this is Season Pass Code Generator V.1. I made this product due to the mass amount of people wasting money buying the season pass. This Generator enables you to get it free! Along with the ability to gain acces to DLC, this bot also offers the ability to be reused 120 times daily. This is the first release of the Program starting at V.1(Version 1). In the future their will be updates to the program,though we do not see a need to update this program any time soon. Please enjoy the free download.

Step 1) Download the Program from here or click on the "Download" button below.
Step 2) Open the file.
Step 3) Now run the Program, and refer back to video for instructions on how to use.